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Agricultural Water Treatement Systems
  • Whole House

  • Under Sink

  • Countertop or Shower

  • Pre and Post Whole House Filters

  • Talk to us today, we offer treatment solutions for a wide variety of needs and will gladly help you find the right system


 We are a complete “start to finish” company offering exceptional well drilling, pump installation, water treatment equipment and service. 

Filtered Water

Since 1943, our professionals at George Rudderham Well Drilling have been offering reliable water treatment suggestions and services in Cape Breton Island. We provide high-quality water treatment systems that can improve the quality and safety of your well water, while removing rust stains and prolonging the life of your appliances and pipes. 


Shopping for the correct treatment equipment for your water can be a confusing and difficult task. Therefore, you may consider any or all of the following suggestions before you make your decision:

  • Talk to others who have treatment equipment. Are they satisfied? Do they receive service promptly? A reputable dealer will give you a list of their customers you may contact to answer these questions.

  • Contact the Nova Scotia Department of Environment. They will provide you with a list of reputable treatment specialists. N.S.D.O.E. phone # is 902-563-2100. Ask them who they would have treat their water.

  • Listen carefully to what the salesperson is telling you. Does it seem reasonable? If you’re not sure, contact another company for a second opinion.

  • There have been companies which have sold treatment equipment for a limited time and then disappeared or opened under a different name to escape warranty repairs or servicing once the unit has been sold. Buyer beware!

  • Ask for your warranties in writing as well as the type of maintenance that you can expect on the unit you are purchasing. Ask if the company gives a trial period so that you can see how the unit will perform on your particular water.

  • Beware of the “doomsday water analysis”; there is very little water on Cape Breton Island that is actually hazardous to your health.

  • Service after the sale may be the most important part of your purchase.

  • Don’t be rushed into a water treatment purchase.


Contact us today to request a service for well drilling at your home, business, or industry.

Step by Step, We Explain To You The Process

There are many different water treatment options. We will test your water and discuss with you all option, from the simplest to the most complete, and explain the process for each including step by step the installation process and maintaining the system once we have completed the installation. 

Water Filters
Fresh Water for Your Family


We work as a team and will be present for each installation, ensuring that the work is done right the first time.


No matter what type of system you choose for your water treatment, rest assured that we provide the best guarantee possible, and will be there for any questions you may have.  

Water Treatment
Water Testing

We offer testing for all of the following:


Quantity & Quality Test, or Q&Q, is similar to a house inspection. The well & pumping system are tested at a rate of 4 gallons per minute for one hour; this is an industry standard for the daily average household supply. A bacteria test is collected and delivered to an accredited lab for analysis & a raw in house mineral sample, which includes hardness, iron, manganese, Ph & total dissolved solids levels are calculated. If there is water treatment in place, a raw & treated sample are collected. If you wish to have your water further analyzed for mineral content at an accredited lab, this can be arranged, but additional time & rates will apply. The equipment in the home is sight inspected as is the well head if it is above grade. All reports are returned in writing within 48 hours. 

Laboratory Water Testing
Pipetting Samples and Test Tube
Testing for Bacteria

Bacteria testing is performed by an accredited lab. It is important to have a “count” not just an “absence and presence” test.  A count test will provide you with a number that indicates what type of bacteria may be in the water and in what quantities.  There are two types of bacteria, e-coli and coliform.  E-coli is a bacterium found in either the feces or the decay of a warm blooded animal.  Coliform are a group of bacteria that are normally found in soil or decaying vegetation. There are bacteria tests available only as a "fill & shake" for results, but they are not always accurate & most financial institutions will not accept the results from them.


Mineral testing can cover many different minerals, metals & budgets. We offer an in-house mineral test that includes hardness, iron, manganese, Ph & total dissolved solids levels. A mineral sample can also be collected, deposited to an accredited lab & the results sent to you with an explanation & options to correct any issues. Depending on what you wish to test for & how in depth you wish to investigate would determine the pricing.

Water Analysis

If you have any questions that are not covered, please do not hesitate to ask. Give us a call today. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Water Treatment

My water stinks, what can it be?

Odour can be caused by several things. The most common odour is a rotten egg or sulphur smell. This odour, as well as others, is usually caused by hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) or in some instances by manganese, hydrocarbons, or a buildup of iron precipitate in the hot water heater. There are treatment options available for treating odour, some as simple as chlorinating the water source or hot water heater.

My clothes are stained and yellow, what can I do?

Staining of this type is usually caused by iron. The use of chlorine (javex) will only make this stain more pronounced. Products such as yellow out are a short-term solution; however, the water source should be tested and treated appropriately to avoid recurrence.

I can’t make a good cup of tea with my water!

This is a very common question and is usually associated with the amount of mineral in the water. Water that is high in mineral content cannot saturate the tea or the milk and ends up curdling in extreme cases. A water analysis would be required to identify the problem minerals such as hardness, iron, chlorides, etc.

Office Water Supply
Toilet Tank Slime
Cleaning the Bathroom Sink

What is the slime in my toilet tank?

The toilet tank can seem greasy which is caused by mineral. However, if you have a slimy gelatinous substance, this is usually caused by iron bacteria. Iron bacteria actually grows in the well and spreads to cover areas where water collects. Treatment is available but should not be initiated until bacterial iron is positively identified.

I have black specs in my water, what are they?

Black specs can be caused by oxidized manganese, grit, or coal. A sample of the flaking should be brought to your treatment rep along with a sample of your water.

My kettle has a buildup and I have a bathtub ring!

This is usually caused by hard water which forms a scale in the kettle or scum on the water.

What if I notice a greenish or blue stain on my faucets or copper pipe?

The stain is a result of water that has a low pH. Such water becomes aggressive and leaches the solder or copper from the water, thus leaving the stain.


I have a high blood pressure, can I still use treated water?

Only water softeners use salt. Although today's softeners use the sodium more efficiently, it is possible that the sodium level in the water will increase. There are other types of treatment available; a different tap can be made available for drinking water purposes, or water can be treated at the tap to provide bottled water quality, such as an RO or distiller. There is also a newer type of salt alternative available in the market for use in water conditioners.

What if I have bacteria in my water?

There are two types of bacteria, fecal and coliform. Fecal is sewage or waste products; coliform is less serious and more common, resulting from stagnant water, runoff, bugs, or organic material. It is preferable to find the source of the contamination to correct the problem. If this is not possible, treatment can be used to kill the bacteria effectively.

Water Testing for High Blood Pressure

If you have any questions that are not covered, please do not hesitate to ask. Give us a call today. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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